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Vision, Mission & Core Values


Mission Values Vision To be a value-based global university known for its academic excellence, collaborative research and Innovative nurturing of the passion and wisdom of professionals for their ‘Career’ and ‘Life


  • To create and develop an efficient, effective and rewarding environment for real and innovative learning fostering the intellect and upraising the academic glory of our country.
  • To provide transformative education focused on deep explicit knowledge, interpersonal skills and leadership.
  • To conduct impactful research in pursuit of discovery and innovation addressing the local, national and global challenges.
  • To establish and strengthen the cooperation and collaboration between academia and industry for a creative construction and sustainable development.
  • To develop intellectual, employable and competent professionals who are committed to uphold the highest levels of Integrity, ethical sense and social responsibility.


In keeping with achieving the Vision and Mission of the University we commit ourselves to the following core values:

Vision Mission Values