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Faculty of Arts

BA Course Faculty of Arts envisages a knowledge base creation and composition with an interdisciplinary research addressing the core skills of students such as oral and written communication along with the critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and analytical skills. The research-oriented academic environment covers fruitful compatibility of the course plans with vocations in respective fields. Students studying Economics would be trained on the areas of management, microeconomics, macroeconomics, labour relations, public finance, industrial economics, environmental economics, accounting, banking, financial risk management, econometrics, international economics etc. A knack for numbers and figures is all one needs to pursue an education and a career in this field.

Programs offered

Faculty of Arts is ready with its two 3-year full time graduation courses spread across 6 semesters:

Labs and Workshop

Career Prospects

A degree in English opens up many opportunities in the fields of media and journalism, publishing industry, teaching & research, advertising & Marketing, HR/Administration jobs in public and private sectors, hospitality industry, translators world, technical writing, content development, civil services. Some of the job profiles would include:

UU Degree in Economics with a tremendous scope in the 21st century would open up avenues to Analysis/Forecasting Firms, Stock Exchanges, Manufacturing Firms, Agricultural Companies, Financial Information Firms, Banks/Credit Unions, International Trade Companies etc.

There are many industries that one can look for after graduating in Economics: