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Description: WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAY 14 JUNE, 2022.
  •  Event Date: 14 June, 2022
  •  Created Date: 14 June, 2022
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Description: Today Faculty of Law, United University has organised a webinar on the topic of Constitutional Jurisprudence: Indian Context and the the guest speaker of the event was Prof. Debasis Poddar from National Law University, Assam.The session began with the welcome address by our Pro Vice Chancellor. Prof. Poddar enlightened the students with the importance of Jurisprudential aspect of the Constitutional Law, in which he discussed about the rigidity of Constitution of India with reference to the Basic Structure Doctrine and has shown some highlights of transitional phase of European Politics on linguistic and religious basis.
  •  Event Date: 18 June, 2022
  •  Created Date: 18 June, 2022
  •  Total Photo: 2
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Description: On 27nd May 2022, Startups and Incubation cell, United University, Prayagraj under the leadership of Prof. Anand Mohan Agarwal, Pro-Vice Chancellor organised a Webinar titled Journey of Startups - A Blueprint for Beginners in conjunction with Dr. Pramod Kumar Sinha, PhD, Thinktank and a renowned professional with diverse working of Govt. of India, DPE, many National and International Organisations. In his welcome address Prof. Agarwal while welcoming Dr. Sinha and other eminent Speakers from Industry, Corporate Startup Community invited for this webinar, informed that this is the first of such unique initiative towards inculcating entrepreneurial culture among students and to support the endeavour of the government in this regard. He further informed that many more interactions, both physical and online will be organised in months to come besides focusing on the Incubation Centre of the University to become a hub for budding entrepreneurs. With a detailed blueprint on the subject by Dr. Sinha stressing the need for uniqueness of business model and giving a holistic picture of Startup Ecosystem, Mechanism, Lifecycle of Startups, Frameworks available Challenges faced by Startups, could draw the attention of more than 500 Students from various departments and cell of the University. He elaborated the Way Forward. This was further supported by many eminent Speakers invited. The eminent speakers graced the event by their words of wisdom, experiences of their entrepreneurial journey and what appealed them to opt to go for becoming entrepreneur over employment. Nobaly, Mr. Ambarish Chedda, Chairman and managing director of Master Class Training and Consulting LLP,.; Ms. Tripti Somani, CEO, KGS Advisors, Founder Wommenovator, Mr. Anil Kapoor, Former Director - Power and HR, BHEL, A Maharatna PSE ; Ms. Ruchi Ratan, Additional General Manager, NTPC, A Maharatna PSE ; Ms. Sowmya Keshva, Founder of Nilah Advisors, Ms. Manisha Srivastava, Founder Foodstrukk Pvt. Ltd.; Ms. Shruti Jain, Founder of Dive N Fly, Mr. Rohit Sardana, Sartup-Loofre.com, Mr Vijay K. Lalit of SuVi Enterprises besides others. Eminent Industrialist Mr Anil Khaitan, Founder of SNK Corp and Chairman, Sunil Healthcare also graced the occasion. With presence of eminent speakers from diverse backgrounds and Startup Community, the session could touch upon the lifecycle of Startups, journey from Ideation to Concept and Maturity Stage and new business opportunities in India and many speakers also address questions raised by the students. Prof. Anand Mohan Agarwal conveyed his sincere thanks to all the Speakers in particular Dr. Sinha for making this a successful event , also for bringing on floor such speakers and informed that he would be welcoming Industrialists, Eminent Professionals and Entrepreneurs to United University for strengthening the endeavour and also its Incubation Cell. The event was coordinated by Dr. Anand Kumar Gupta, Nodal officer Startup and Incubation cell United University, Prayagraj and his team. The event ended with vote of thanks.
  •  Event Date: 27 May, 2022
  •  Created Date: 27 May, 2022
  •  Total Photo: 5
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Description: On (06/05/2022), Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technology has organized the Excursion visit of B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. M.Sc. (Ag) Agronomy students at Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK, Kaushambi. The purpose of the excursion visit was to get an exposure and enhancement of knowledge of students about New Innovative technology/ system viz. Natural farming system, Bee keeping, Crop cafeteria, Vermiculture, NADEP, Animal husbandry, Forestry and Fisheries. Interestingly, students were also get acquainted with the prominent role of KVK as Front Line Demonstration (FLD), Off Farm Trial (OFT) along with capacity building services. There are several empirical evidences to prove that the KVK system has contributed enormously in overall improvement of the quality of life of farmers. Please see some memorable pics of the visit. Regards, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Tech
  •  Event Date: 06 May, 2022
  •  Created Date: 06 May, 2022
  •  Total Photo: 14
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Description: Today (09/05/2022), Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Technology has celebrated National Agroforestry Day at Agricultural Research Farm of the university. National Agroforestry Day is celebrated in the India over, every year on the eight day of May. Agroforestry can become an important tool to build resilience of farmers and rural people against threats of climate change and natural calamities. This can also help in greening the rural employment and rural development opportunities by providing agroforestry tree produce based economic opportunities to doubling the income. Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof (Dr.) Jagdish Gulati, initiated the event by planting one sampling of Moringa. Addressing the students on the occasion, he confessed the prominence of Agroforestry and its future prospects. In addition to that he also appreciated the herculean efforts of students of B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag M.Sc. Ag (Agronomy) to make this agroforest plantation drive successful. On the occasion, Honble Pro - Vice chancellor, Prof (Dr.) LM. Srivastava Prof.(Dr.) A.M. Agrawal, Vice President of UGI, Mr. Gaurav Gulati were also present to motivate the students in this direction and planting the one tree sapling. The event was accomplished under the guidance of Assc.Dean (PD), Dr. Chetan Vyas Coordinator, FOAS Tech, Dr. Devendra Kumar and other faculty members.
  •  Event Date: 09 May, 2022
  •  Created Date: 09 May, 2022
  •  Total Photo: 15
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Description: The Faculty of Law has organised a Public Awareness Programme under the Clubship of Legal Awareness Cell,the session began by the blessings of Pro VC Prof A M Agrawal Sir. Dr. Chetan Vyas Sir, Associate Dean Planning and Development and coordinators of various departments also graced the occasion with their presence and kind words. The whole session was aimed to aware the audience (Allied and Non teaching staff) about their Legal rights through skit performance. Regards Faculty of Law
  •  Event Date: 14 May, 2022
  •  Created Date: 14 May, 2022
  •  Total Photo: 8
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Total Albums : 24
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