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CRC Policy

  • All 6th Semester students will have to register themselves at CRC latest by 31st March by ensuring the following:
    1. Completing their ERF Data (Through College ERP)
    2. Taking the print out of downloaded form.
    3. Submitting the same along with a set of xerox of all academic documents to CRC.
  • It is mandatory for all the CRC registered students to appear in all the CRC related events/activities including CRT and in-campus drives which they are eligible for. (Escapism / Absenteeism from any of the events/activities would be treated as ‘Misconduct’ that might lead to their suspension from future drives etc.)
  • Students not registered with CRC would be barred by default from all the drives and service offers.
  • "One Student "One Offer" - Students once offered job, will not be allowed to appear in subsequent placement drives provided the reason/explanation/request submitted is found genuine for its consideration by the team CRC and is further approved by the Head-CRC.
  • It is mandatory for all the shortlisted students to appear for the interview with full preparation and planning.
  • Students once offered will have to join the company as per the company’s norms and institutional guidelines.
  • CRC expects valuable & committed services along with professionalism from all the students who join the company.
  • CRC expects a right attitude, health & hygiene, proper uniform and gesture, discipline and punctuality, values and professional ethics form all those students who represent themselves and the organization both.

    Placement Kit

    1. 5 copies of latest CV duly vetted by CRT/CRC Team.
    2. 5 passport size photographs with light background.
    3. All relevant testimonials/certificates in original (and 2 photocopies of each).
    4. Govt. issued photo-ID proof (original and a photocopy).
    5. A copy of the project report(s)/ trainings/ certifications and reports thereof undertaken by the student during the professional academic program.
    6. Executive Folder to carry all documents.
    7. Notepad, pen / pencil.
  • All above mentioned documents must also be available with student in online mode (in mail or Google drive etc.) at all the times to serve emergency calls, if any.

    Dress Code

    • All registered students must be in proper College Uniform during any recruitment process or event. Defaulters would not be allowed to participate in the corresponding activities/events.
    • In addition to the prescribed Dress Code, students must adhere to following general guidelines.
      1. All students must wear /carry Institute ID cards at all times.
      2. Neatly cut hair and clean-shaved.
      3. Well-polished Black formal shoes are essential.
      4. Girl students should avoid or consider wearing only essential jewellery item(s); make-up and cosmetics should be simple, decent and to be kept to bare minimum.

    Points to remember

    • Try to maintain a minimum 60% (6 CGPA or equivalent) with no standing arrears to be eligible for enough placement opportunities.
    • Go for Internships with good organizations/companies.
    • Get yourself industry-certified on latest technologies/tools through industry-certifications or industry-run MOOCs in your respective program/discipline.
    • Have live projects / research work (in related area of your program/discipline) to showcase your knowledge and skills to employer.
    • Strengthen your aptitude and reasoning abilities.
    • Strengthen your Technical Skills.
    • Create your CV/resume and ensure you mean every word and you are able to justify your skills mentioned in it.