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Global Opportunities

At United University, we aspire to offer more than just India-based educational experience. United University has academic collaboration with the International Universities/ Institutions, which has provided an umbrella for internationality, innovation, integration, information, technology and industrial partnership to all the bright souls of the group.

University through its robust network aims to offer you the opportunity to go global and to develop transferable skills that strengthens your future career. Employers also acknowledge that spending time abroad as a part of study/work/placement brings maturity, builds self-awareness and self-confidence, develops a global perspective, improves language and communication skills and facilitates adaptability to the new environments and challenges.

Creating Employable Graduates

Our long history of working closely with our global partners ensures our degrees meet employers’ needs. A degree is important for getting a great job, but employers look for much more than a degree when choosing graduates to employ. Gaining experience and developing skills whilst studying and during vacation periods give students a competitive edge. We are dedicated to making our students more employable and creating global graduates through our degrees. University provides opportunities for all students, which include:

  • Study and work abroad options
    If your degree scheme allows, you may have the opportunity to spend a year or semester at a partner institution or gain international experience through a work placement.
  • Summer and short programmes:
    We also offer a variety of summer or short programmes, many of which are open to students of all disciplines.

Our collaboration with Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand and Missouri University, Columbia, USA provides a global exposure and an international exchange platform for the students, faculty members with joint research projects, joint cultural programs/projects and joint conferences. UU is ready to extend and enhance international partnerships and MoUs for a close cooperation and coordination of concerted efforts concerning training, exchange of experts and scholars, joint conferences and many more joint endeavors.