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Master of Science (Medical Biochemistry)

B. Pharma Course M.Sc Medical Biochemistry is a three-year post-graduate programme that deals with a comprehensive study of biological processes with the applicability of chemistry in the procedures. The study of the program deals extensively with the subjects of biology and medicine combined together. This course is extensively career oriented which helps graduates take up lucrative career options after its completion. Furthermore, taking up the study of master’s program in the field of Medical Biochemistry builds a strong foundation for students who wish to pursue research programs in the future. The program study renders a balance between classroom study and projects conducted as applicable to the program. The students are instilled with the qualities to handle technical equipment, conduct study and draw statistical evidence.

Graduates after the successful completion of the course can venture into the areas of teaching, research, and technology sectors. They have a wide arena of opportunity in the field of Forensic science, Food companies, Biotechnology, and environment agency. The aim of the course dwells in imbibing students with all the qualities and study in a refined manner making them capable for future study of research benefitting them on the career front.

Programme : M.Sc. (Med-Biochemistry)

Duration : 3 Year full time

Medium : English