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Faculty of Journalism & Mass Communication

BA in Journalism & Mass Communication - United University Faculty of Journalism & Mass Communication offers an integrated program leading to polishing inherent skills of an upcoming journalist that could efficiently and effectively spread information to large audiences through the various means of communication. National and International level faculty with wide media exposure would help the students develop their skills such as:

  • Inquisitive nature
  • Investigative mind
  • Alert demeanour
  • Adaptive and tolerant of changing and difficult situations
  • Good communication skills
  • Good command over languages
  • Confident
  • Enthusiast
  • Patient
  • Ability to differentiate between fact and fiction
  • Ability to adhere to dead
  • sensitivity to different views and life
  • Interested to know about various fields such as politics, culture, religion, social and current affairs

With a strong mass media focus, technological interventions and intensive practical exposure, the faculty of JMC claims to connect the whole country through the graduating journalists of United University. This includes various work areas like reporting, writing, editing, photographing, broadcasting and reporting world events, trends, current affairs etc.

Programs offered

Presently, Faculty of Journalism & Mass Communication is ready to offer one course:

Labs and Workshop

Lab resources include state-of-the-art Media Centres, Broadcasting Room, Communication Lab, Design & Graphics Lab, Print Journalism Lab, Photo Lab, Radio Journalism & Production Lab, Operation & Handling of Video Equipment Lab, Advertising Lab

Career Prospects

Business Management is among those careers which are not restricted by international boundaries.[Remove first line] Graduates of Mass Communication & Journalism courses will work in a variety of fields in traditional news media and publishing, advertising, public relations and research institutes. Journalism is for people who are ready to explore various opportunities 24/7, without the constraints of cultural upbringing, gender, and are also ready to go beyond geographical boundaries. Following are the various job profiles offered to graduates in mass communication:

  • Journalist/News reporter
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Content Writer
  • Advertising/PR/MR/Event Management,Print Media i.e. Newspaper, Magazine etc.
  • Electronic Media i.e. Television, Radio etc.,Publishing House., Internet Research,Content Writing Agencies.
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Producer
  • Radio Jockey/ RJ